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End2End Logistics


Repo/Asset Recovery

Worldwide Re-Marketing

​End2End Logistics

Dismantle | Rigging | Shipping | Warehousing | Re-Assembly

Lithoplanet provides an End2End solution for a worry free experience, be it a printer in Vietnam or

someone just down the street.

Moving your plant? Merger or Acquisition? Quick Sale? Repossession? Whatever the logistics, we can get the job done! Lithoplanet employs some of the best Electricians, Mechanical Engineers, and experienced Riggers in the country, so you can be assured that no matter what type of equipment you have, we can move it and have it up and running in a short amount of time. We take ownership of every task and fulfill our responsibility until the project is completed.

You can be assured that when your equipment is being handled by Lithoplanet you are in good hands. From point “A” to point “B” your equipment is insured for its full replacement value.

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If you are looking for a quick cleaning of your equipment or a full rebuild, we will provide you with the best resources in the business. Rebuilding and refurbishing is an art best left to the masters. Beware of dealers who claim to possess equipment and staff, but who do not know anything about the process and the complications involved.
We partner with firms involved in Rebuilding and refurbishing for the manufacturers directly and due to our established relationships we can offer a price advantage over anyone in the market. If you are looking for a cosmetic cleaning, we possess the right staff and equipment to make your press look as good as new.
In Asia, we have our machine rebuilding centers staffed by engineers from major manufacturers. The crew is trained by staff specialized in refurbishing and rebuilding of offset machines, with replacement parts purchased directly from the manufacturers.

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​Repo/Asset Recovery

Our Staff at Lithoplanet has encountered various scenarios of asset removal conditions. We have the ability to adapt to any type of removal conditions, equipment owners and leasor’s. Our team of mechanics, electricians, riggers, and transportation experts are on call at all times. Whether it is out of state, a closed facility, or an upset client, we are able to provide you with the swiftest and most professional services during the removal process.

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​Worldwide Re-Marketing

Lithoplanet specializes in collecting, rigging, warehousing, containerizing and shipping equipment globally. With our warehouses and sales offices in key locations globally we are a one-stop solution for your used equipment sales.
Buyers in Asia, S. America and the Middle East generally need service and sales support and our presence locally enables them to make purchasing decisions which were previously impossible. The marketing and Reselling opportunities multiply tremendously, when you partner with Lithoplanet.
We have a strong presence in S.America (Brazil, Caribbean, Mexico), Asia (China, India, Korea and S.E Asia), Middle East (UAE, S.Arabia, Egypt and S.Africa) Our focus is purely on growth markets and to offer you the best possible sales solution at the best price.

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Disclaimer: Due diligence is applied to insure the accuracy of the information provided herein. We reserve the right to make corrections and revisions as required. Any offer to buy or sell is contingent on acceptance by Lithoplanet LLC, which at its sole discretion, may refuse any offer tendered.