Sell your Machine or Equipment at a Fixed Price

We are always looking to build and maintain relationships with Mechanics, Riggers, Brokers, Engineers and Salesmen who have a keen interest in expanding their sales. Our Leads are received from anyone including a broker who has potential seller/buyer or a rigger who might be contacted for relocation.

If you come across a Sale or a potential Trade-In, we would be willing to listen. Information is valuable and we offer an attractive margin for successful deals. Confidentiality will be strictly maintained.  We have a clear commission structure paying the highest possible in any industry and would also be willing to partner with brokers on deals that require us to do so.

Lithoplanet directly works with printers on Trade-Ins, re-locations, mergers, liquidations and Auction Houses, offering them a global solution to maximize their returns. We work with leads on both sides of the aisle – be it a potential buyer or a seller.

Trade-In Program

We offer valuations on manufacturer trade-ins with a great solution for getting the highest dollar on your machine. With our worldwide network, our potencial for a quick sale and a high price is finally a reality. No jumpimg through 2-3 deep dealer hoops to get your final values. We are the last stop for all valuations and Trade-Ins.

Fill up the form and you could make some extra cach in no time. We pay on the spot and arrange for Moving/Rigging the machines ourselves. No wait time, No stories, No delays.

Disclaimer: Due diligence is applied to insure the accuracy of the information provided herein. We reserve the right to make corrections and revisions as required. Any offer to buy or sell is contingent on acceptance by Lithoplanet LLC, which at its sole discretion, may refuse any offer tendered.