About Us

Specialized Approach

At Lithoplanet, with our extensive combined experience of qualified and trained professionals, we are steadily growing as a market leader in the printing equipment sector. We are recognized as a highly specialized, trust-worthy business partner, capable to undertake and support all major contracts, bringing unparalleled level of professionalism to the pre-owned equipment market.

Lithoplanet continues to succeed in building customer loyalty by offering the right solutions. Our approach is to analyze your needs effectively and provide you with a global solution for your business. We specialize in all areas, from trading, purchasing and overhauling, to transportation, installation, handling and dismantling. Whether you need to move a single machine, or to relocate an entire shop, Lithoplanet will do the job right!

Partnered with pre-owned equipment suppliers around the world enables us to also choose our equipment very carefully. Our commitment to never purchase or sell equipment that has not gone through our detailed inspection process to assure the quality of the machine, sets us apart as an organization of integrity and excellence.

The Litho - Guarantee

To offer the best services at the most competitive price is fundamental at Lithoplanet. To ensure this we strive to focus our development with an integrated approach of the wide range of skills required when buying and selling pre-owned printing equipment. At Lithoplanet, we guarantee our customer benefits from unequalled flexibility and competitiveness to provide the right solution every time.

Disclaimer: Due diligence is applied to insure the accuracy of the information provided herein. We reserve the right to make corrections and revisions as required. Any offer to buy or sell is contingent on acceptance by Lithoplanet LLC, which at its sole discretion, may refuse any offer tendered.